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Starting an application for studying abroad can seem dompting – but the reward is great. Why don’t you ask some of our students about it?

UKEAS now has a brand-new Chat With Students feature: go to this page* and see our ambassadors’ profile, the content they created during their study life, FAQs, and get in touch directly with them.

Who are our Ambassadors?

Our ambassadors are students currently studying in the UK (or remotely!) who applied to their university using UKEAS free services. They are here to share their experience with you, so do not hesitate and start a casual chat with them!

What’s Content?

The content you see on our Chat With Students page has all been created by our ambassadors. It’s 100% genuine and authentic, and it should give you a feel of what it’s like to study in their university.

What’s FAQs?

If you are curious to know more about studying abroad and UKEAS, our ambassadors have answered a series of Frequently Asked Questions that you can browse freely. Remember, if you ever have any question that is not answered in the FAQ, go ahead and ask one of our ambassadors!

Now you know everything about UKEAS new feature, so go ahead and give it a try here*. Start chatting with our ambassadors, explore their content and FAQs, and get a feel of what it’s like studying abroad!

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