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The motivation statement or cover letter comes as a requirement to anyone interested in pursuing higher education in any university. When written well, this will complete and validate the purposefulness of your application especially for a master’s degree and the job market. But for many, the motivation letter is one of the most difficult stages to complete.

What is the motivation letter?

A motivation letter is a short piece of writing about you, your history and academic background and its relevance to your application, your future, your career interests and prospects etc.

Despite the difficulty in writing a decent motivation letter, today, it has the biggest factor to influence the success of your university/scholarship applications and any job application- that’s why you must hit it right; once and for all to seal your admission to your dream school/job.

With this in mind, let’s look at how you can be successful with your motivation letter in your 2020 applications;

Do your research and cover your basics-

You would want to have a direction of intent even before you start. Every university is different. While some have high priority in Science and Arts, others maybe great with Sports and Architecture. Research on the mission, vision, purpose, departments, courses of the school you are applying to. Read on other university options, on the offers available, on the career prospects, the university campuses, the country of study and any other activity that excites you. Let your input and content be consistent with all your documents. Check with your dates and school and work history.

It's about you, so get personal and intentional-

It is true you must talk about things related to you but be intentional about it. Don’t just write because it is, write because some needs to know you, someone needs to understand what and why you are writing. Your university must not lose you!

Be competitive-

There are a lot of people applying for the same course; same school around the world. They are probably very much interested in this than you are and so would want to give it their best push. They give the most related and relevant points that would seal the deal for their admissions. Remember, you need to explain why you chose your course, why you chose your institution. Do same. Do better. Have it in mind you want to win and so everything written must be excellent.

Tell a story and be interesting-

In writing, take them on a journey. Your introduction, body and conclusion must be carefully planned and written because people love stories. Do not only tell your achievements, show how you achieved it all. “I am a Journalist who uses media and communication as tools to develop agricultural practices in rural Ghana by reporting on farmer’s success stories and agricultural stories as a whole” sounds a lot better than “I am an agricultural journalist”. Be practical with your examples.

 In conclusion, to be able to get your motivation statement right, you really need to know yourself; your strengths and weaknesses. You must be realistic in your applications whiles advancing in your education/career. You will agree that this will boost your chances of a Master’s degree that will build a bridge to your preferred career.

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