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Could history come to life? It could and did at St Andrews during Bank Holiday Monday, 2nd May at the Medieval Mayhem event. The family-friendly event held at the Museum of the University of St Andrews (MUSA) welcomed families, adults and children for a Middle Ages (500-1500 AD) experience and be part of St Andrews’ flourishing past.


Visitors had the opportunity to explore the magnificent architecture from around 600 years ago. This tour was created by the University’s School of Computer Science using the latest in immersive virtual reality technology. At the event, everyone had the chance to discover their skill at calligraphy and test their artistic writing similar to those that appear on the manuscripts displayed in the museum. There were also historians available to answer questions related to the period.


This event was also friendly for families with children as they were encouraged to build their own catapult to knock down the castle wall. Kids and parents could make their own armour and draw up their family heraldry. Children were given a free Medieval Passport from MUSA and prizes were given to those who completed every activity.


Learning & Access Curator at Musa, Mr Matt Sheard, said before the event took place: “Last year’s event attracted the most visitors we’ve ever seen at MUSA in a single day. With historians at the cutting edge of research into this fascinating period, treasure hunts and our new Medieval Passport for children, as well as the return of our popular catapult building competition and weapon’s demonstrations, Medieval Mayhem will be bigger and better than ever this year.”


This event provided a great experience for both adults and youngsters as we seldom have the opportunities to really know about our history outside school lessons. Medieval Mayhem demonstrated the ancient lifestyle in a more friendly and easy to understand way, making people more enthusiastic for the rich past of Scotland. If you are interested in learning more about the Middle Ages, you don’t have to wait until next year’s event. Just visit MUSA! 

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