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The 2016 Academy Awards recently took place and yet more winners came from Bournemouth University. This year, BU graduates worked on several films that were nominated for the Oscars 2016, and won the Best Animated Feature film with Inside Out and Visual Effects category with the film Ex Machina.


Mark Ardington graduated from BU (BA Hons Computer Visualisation & Animation) in 1997 and on the night of Oscar, he attended the award and entered the stage to collect his award as part of the team who worked on the film Ex Machina. His involvement in the visual effects for this film is not only celebrated at BU, but the whole world.


Mark’s success wasn’t the first occurrence, and fellow BU alumnus Andrew Lockley has also won Oscars in 2011 and 2015 for his work on Inception and Interstellar respectively. All these achievements have inspired many students who are currently studying animation and visual effects that one day they could also be working on something as epic as an Oscar-winning film.


Phil Spicer, Programme Leader for MA Digital Effects, teaches visual effects skills to BU students said, “We are very proud of BU graduates who have forged careers in the Visual Effects Industry. Every year at this time, it is an opportunity for us to celebrate the success of graduates who have worked on Oscar-nominated and Oscar-winning films. This year is no different as a number of these films have been worked on by BU graduates. Big Congratulations are due to all of our graduates who have been involved in Oscar-nominated and Oscar-winning films this year. Their talent and hard work is astounding, and it is a privilege for us to have helped shape and mould their future in this way.”


Apart from Inside Out and Ex Machina, BU graduates have also worked on film such as Mad Max: Fury Road, which earned ten nominations including Best Visual Effects, Best Picture and Best Cinematography in 2016. Other BU involvement films are The Martian and The Revenant.


For those who are eager to build a career in Animation and Visual Effects, studying at Bournemouth University would undoubtedly be the best investment to pave the path leading to the industry.


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